2009 eHealthcare Award

November 6, 2009

Contact: Bronwyn Boyes
MediCom Worldwide, Inc.
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MORRISVILLE, PA – The winners of the 2009 eHealthcare Leadership Awards were recently honored at the Healthcare Internet Conference, with EmergingSolutionsinPain.com winning a Distinction Award in the Best Care/Disease Management Site Category for Physician/Clinician-Focused Site.

Winners of platinum, gold, silver, and distinction awards represented 17 industry classifications, from hospitals and health systems to pharmaceutical firms and online health companies.  Awards were given in 12 different categories: Best Site Design, Best Interactive, Best Health/Healthcare Content, Best e-Business, Best Care/Disease Management, Best Web 2.0, Best Donations/Giving, Best Employee Recruitment, Best Quality & Safety Communication, Best Overall Internet Site, Best Intranet Site, and eHealth Organizational Commitment.

Judges looked at how sites compared with others in their organization’s classification.  They also reviewed sites based on a proprietary multi-point standard of Internet excellence.  The best intranet site category, for example, had to pass muster on more than 60 factors.

The response to the 2009 eHealthcare Leadership Awards was overwhelming. Over 1,100 entries were received from a wide range of healthcare organizations.

This leading awards program exclusively recognizes the very best Web sites of healthcare organizations (both large and small), online health companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment firms, suppliers, and business improvement initiatives. These awards highlight the Internet's role in achieving an organization's business objectives and recognize the hard work that has gone into creating outstanding health Web sites.

Competition was especially strong,” says Mark Gothberg, senior leadership of this award.  Best Health/Healthcare Content, Best Site Design, and Best Overall Internet Site categories drew the most entries.  There were also a large number of entries in the Best Web 2.0 category. 

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards program was developed and first presented 10 years ago by eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, a leading Internet resource published by Health Care Communications, Rye, NY.

The Best Care/Disease Management Site Category included sites which focus on medical management tools and news and information available online to help consumers manage a chronic condition, two-way communication between patient and healthcare practitioners, and opportunities to monitor clinical care.

Managing chronic pain patients requires a strategic approach to both patient care and risk containment for the patient, healthcare professional and medical practice. While pain is a highly subjective experience, its management necessitates objective standards of care. Risk assessment of the chronic pain patient on long-term opioid therapy is the cornerstone, however, the quality and utility of any assessment tool is only as good as the clinician’s ability to communicate with the patient. Empathic and objective communication can positively influence both the patient-physician relationship and pain management outcomes.

Emerging Solutions in Pain provides an array of information, resources, tools and case studies to highlight and educate clinicians on the complexities surrounding the management of chronic pain. It aims to inform clinicians of methods of communication, ways in which risk of abuse may be measured, and how to integrate these strategies into an individualized treatment plan.

Bronwyn Boyes, the educational director for the Web site feels that ESP’s growing success to become one of the forerunners in pain education is due to the team’s approach to consistently provide healthcare practitioners with quality of information in multimedia formats including an iPhone application, streaming radio, and high-definition videos. This enables clinicians to gain an appreciation for the interdisciplinary approach to pain management, methods for developing a risk strategy for their individual practices, and valuable clinical tools to ultimately improve patient care outcomes.

“When you consider the huge array of entrants with only the very best work submitted, Emerging Solutions in Pain is delighted to receive this distinction award recognition,” said Ms. Boyes.

About Emerging Solutions in Pain (www.EmergingSolutionsinPain.com)
The Emerging Solutions in Pain program is a multimedia initiative currently consisting of:

  • A web-based resource that houses an extensive array of information, tools, and continuing education materials
  • A disease awareness exhibit program that travels to major conferences distributing information and tools, collecting feedback, and recruiting members
  • Accredited, live symposia and educational activities featuring experts in clinical practice
  • A print monograph series, distributed in conjunction with leading pain publications

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