Clinicians Could Benefit From Pain Management Education And Training, According To Survey Results

November 2, 2011

Contact: Joan Meyer
MediCom Worldwide, Inc.
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U.S. clinicians may require additional safety training according to a recent survey from MediCom Worldwide

– A recent survey of 634 physicians, pharmacists, and nurses indicates that clinicians in the U.S. could benefit from additional training and education in the field of pain management. MediCom Worldwide, Inc. presented these findings in a poster presented at PAINWeek, a national conference attended by clinicians specializing in pain management. Approximately one-third responded that they had not heard or read about the FDA’s Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS) program for opioids, while almost 13% of clinicians do not routinely use a risk assessment tool for patients who are prescribed opioids. In addition, 72% stated that there is currently not enough information available to health care professionals about REMS; however, 86% stated that they would comply with any mandatory REMS requirement linked to prescribing. The survey results highlight the need for further clinician and patient education in chronic pain management.

To view the poster presented at PAINWeek, please visit the Emerging Solutions in Pain website:

Emerging Solutions in Pain
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