ESP Tools

A comprehensive resource to assist pain management clinicians with assessing, monitoring, and protecting their practices. It offers new modules, updated content, and more information designed to address today's critical issues.
A useful tool to allow primary care physicians and specialists to efficiently and effectively categorize potential pain patients prescribed to long-term opioid therapy into one of three groups for referral strategies. This will enable early referral to a specialist to ensure pain patients receive optimal care for their chronic pain. It will also assist the specialist to convey patient information back to the referring physician.
An interactive case-based resource to assist pain management clinicians to enable the individual user to work through a series of patient vignettes to simulate clinical learning about utilization and interpretation of Urine Drug Testing.
A selection of printable monitoring tools for use in your practice or research.
A quick overview of the essentials of a patient-centered approach to urine drug testing (UDT), which remains an important tool for use in the assessment and ongoing management of the chronic pain patient.
A companion to the ESP Tool Kit Volume II and a valuable tool to assist pain management clinicians in educating their patients on the rationale and use of assessment, monitoring and documentation for their chronic pain.
An assortment of techniques and tools that may be used to help practitioners better assess the patient in pain and also help to demonstrate patient visit documentation for improved regulatory compliance and improved patient management.
A collection of 9 valuable assessment tools to assist pain management clinicians in stratifying patients according to risk and identifying active or potential drug or alcohol misuse.
A selection of printable assessment tools for use in your practice or research.

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