Patricia M. Good

Drug Enforcement Administration (retired)
Office of Diversion Control
Alexandria, Virginia

Patricia Good has had a 34-year career within the DEA Diversion Control program as a diversion investigator, supervisor and headquarters’ manager. As a field investigator and supervisor, Ms. Good was responsible for enforcing the Controlled Substance Act and implementing regulations. She has conducted routine compliance investigations as well as criminal investigations of clinicians operating outside the scope of the law. She is extremely knowledgeable about the laws and regulations, as well as the workings of the regulated industries and health care professions.

Her experience within the Headquarters included all initiatives relating to the interpretation of and revisions to existing regulations and policies and was the official point of contact for all Federal Register publications. She was also actively involved in the creation of numerous notices and rules, affecting the drug and chemical industries, as well as many related to the practice of pharmacy, including a policy statement related to Internet pharmacies.

Her DEA career has given her a wealth of experience pertaining to prescription drug abuse, facts and statistics about the current state of affairs, and many insightful philosophies to guide clinical decision making. Ms. Good was responsible for numerous DEA publications during her tenure as Chief of the Liaison and Policy Section, including the Chemical Handler's Manual: A Guide to Chemical Control Regulations, The Physicians’ Manual, and The Pharmacists’ Manual.

Last modified: June 29, 2012